prose & poetry by chia


you, in all of your being,
   are so beautifully intricate
pardon me, i can’t help it—
   you fill up my plate;
here are the things about you
   i appreciate,
i apologize if some of them
   may seem indelicate:

i’d like to find you in the shower;
   accidentally tasting soapwater
and then, you, screaming, “it’s sour!”
   i’d like to have you under my power;
with me looking at you, looking at me,
   watch your eyes dilate for half an hour
i’d like to chase you up a tower;
with you, on the top of your lungs
i want to hear you cower,
just so i could hear you differentiate—
   Nietzsche from Schopenhauer
i’d like to sprinkle you with flour,
   if this is only what it takes
then so i give you the permission,
   at me, you could scour.

did i mention?
—i would love to offer you a flower.

i like the curls upon your shoulders,
   falling like water over boulders
this, do not mistake—
for, your shoulders i love them, too:
   they are essential;
one more thing, your collarbones:
   they have got resplendent potential.

i like your eyes, i like your nose; 
   i like the way your lips open and close,
i like the sculpture of your ears;
   kindly hear my words out in the clear,
i like it when you half-smile,
   the way your cheeks tilt up;
i like it when you laugh,
   and then cautiously hold a teacup.

i’d like you even if you were malevolent,
all the others,
   automatically disqualified
and in my wine,
   i’d let you put insecticide
in a police interrogation,
   i’d defend you from homicide.

did i mention?
—now my affection just intensified.

you are the end of melancholy,
   of sheer, obvious, unintelligent folly.
i’d like to make excuses and say i’m sick
   so i could have an excuse to call you in.
i’d like to put my palm underneath your chin,
   and slowly, exquisitely, see you grin.

i’d want to be your preference,
and hence;

did i mention?
—i like you, i meant no offence.